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BauernhofcaféThis whole food shop and coffee room is Bauernhofcafe Blume. You can go shopping there or stay to taste some home made food.


This is a combined whole food shop and coffee-room. Here you can eat wholemeal cakes and drink coffee or tea or taste home made food. The grandmother, son and wife work hard together in the shop and in the coffee-room. The large agricultural estate in the background and the special herbal garden are in themselves work enough. The son is an agricultural engineer and his wife a teacher in a secondary school. After their 4th child they decided to
go back to farming, and modernised and expanded
the land to over 95 hectare. All the food in the shop are
home products. The student is needed in the shop and
in the coffee-room and with the vegetable and herb
gardens. A special attraction is the beautiful spar town
nearbye if the student needs to have a change of scene.


Working Holidays in Germany
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