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Margret's Bauernlädchen und Café This large estate near the Dutch border is Margret's Bauernlaedchen und Cafe -  it is a favourite for  locals on bicycles - so stop there for a delicious cake in the cafe.

Margret Laurenz

This large estate near the Dutch border is a favourite for the locals on bicycles. They come and buy self produced food from the shop and taste the delicious cake in the Cafe´. Over the years the whole has expanded and in the background there are small flats for guests (28 beds). There is also a special haybarn where the cyclists can sleep and enjoy an evening meal. There are cows, pigs, horses and ponies and plenty going on. The student is expected to help in the kitchen, serving the guests and selling in the shop. This is a large family, all ages, including a grandchild though not all live at home.


Working Holidays in Germany
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