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Gut GaarzThis beautiful manor house is Gut gaarz, a large agricultural estate  with  tourist accomodation in the summer.

Christa Struckmann

Gut Gaarz is a large agricultural estate with tourist accommodation in the summer. The main house is a beautiful North German manor house . The student is needed for work on the estate and is more suitable for a young man.

The older daughter looks after another family enterprise on the ISLAND OF RÜGEN. There they have a large caravan camping site and also wooden log cabins. Rügen is an Island with water as
warm as the Mediterranean, although it is Ostsee
(East Sea). The island is large, used to belong to
Eastern Germany, and has plenty of entertainment.
The student (man more suitable) is needed to help
with the camp guests, and if he has a motorboat
licence to drive the boat for the tourists.
We do not generally offer Watersport holidays,
but this happens to be part
of the GAARZ Package. Some students stay a while
with Gaarz, and then go to Rügen ,provided they
remain 3-6 months.


Working Holidays in Germany
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