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Enjoy life in a family farm in the country with horses and other animals! Welcome to our Homepage

Dear Students,

The farms and hotels listed on the following
pages are only a small selection of what
you can expect to be offered in Germany.

Happy Hands is a project to allow
students to enjoy country life and practice
their knowledge of German in Family Hotels,
or Family Farms, and our latest offers
"Grandmothers Coffee Shop" & Vineyards.

Anne von Gleichen is British born and bred, has
lived since 1951 in Germany.
Her Firm "von Gleichen Travel" has been running
since l978 as an outgoing Language Travel Consultancy -
since November l998 to be found in Regensburg.
Terre des Langues e.V. (www.terre-des-langues.de)

Anne von Gleichen was asked by Spanish Colleagues
in the Autumn of l997 if she could offer Work
Experience on Farms or in Hotels. After establishing
a new firm called Working Holidays in Germany,
"Happy Hands" with a licence from the Labour
Office in Hessen (11362) the project took off with
Spanish students in January l998. Since starting
there have been students from Spain, England, Ireland
Italy, Finnland, Sweden, USA, Canada, New Zealand,
France, South Africa and Belgium.

The project is at present only for students coming
from the EU countries
Students from the new EU countries
need an exemption of the
work permit) we do not arrange this and the application
must be processed in Bonn in October of the previous
year, with only a small chance of the student being
successful. Students from USA, Canada, New Zealand
and South Africa should have a second passport, either
French, British or German.

We do not accept unemployed people receiving unemployment
money or stays for less than 6 weeks. Preferably
3- 6 months is ideal .

So - if this appeals to you read on.

Yours sincerely
Working Holidays in Germany
"Happy Hands"

Working Holidays in Germany
Terre des Langues, Petra Schmidt
, Pflanzenmayerstr. 16, 93049 Regensburg
Tel: 0941-565602 Fax: 0941-565604 E-Mail: Terre-des-Langues@t-online.de