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Conditions for booking with Working Holidays
in Germany
- Project "Happy Hands"

The student should fill out the application forms and send them
per post with a suitable photo to the agent in his area and country.
As soon as Working Holidays in Germany have received these
from the Agent in question we will start looking for a suitable
placement for the student. We must receive the following documents
before starting to place:
  • Application Form ( see Homepage)
  • Placement Questionnaire ( see Homepage)
  • References signed by two person. ( see Homepage)
  • Photo
  • An up-to-date Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • A medical certificate (E106, E 128 or E 111 from National
    Health Insurance Company)
  • A copy of his/her valid driving licence
  • Proof that Health Insurance has been taken out.

    The project is at present only for students coming
    from the EU countries
    Students from the new EU countries
    need an exemption of the
    work permit) we do not arrange this and the application
    must be processed in Bonn in October of the previous
    year, with only a small chance of the student being
    successful. Students from USA, Canada, New Zealand
    and South Africa should have a second passport, either
    French, British or German.

    The Student must be 18 years of age (minimum) and the booking
    should be sent not later than eight weeks before arrival, the
    earlier the better. We guarantee help should problems arise
    that cannot be otherwise solved. The student must on no account
    leave the work-placement without having called the Regensburg
    office. Should it be necessary to change the placement, this will
    be done free of charge.

    The Student will be paid Euro 50,- a week with all his/her keep
    and will be expected to work thirty-six hours a week with one
    day free. The work is light and mainly with the German tourist
    children and animals.
    The student is treated as a member of the family and not as a
    servant. Some families are willing to cover the cost of the
    German lessons if this is really necessary - however not during
    the summer months when the Adult Education schools are closed,
    and generally only when the student stays for six months. The
    student should not book for less than six weeks and preferably
    three to six months or longer.

    We cannot accept students on unemployment support.

    Booking fee

    The booking fee is Euro 230.- ,
    independently from the duration of the stay.
    With your confirmation of placement you will receive an invoice,
    payable 4 weeks prior to arrival. The booking fee is payable to:
    Terre des Langues, Pflanzenmayerstr. 16, 93049 Regensburg, Germany.
    Fees and payment arrangements may differ for bookings with the
    partners in Finnland and Spain.

Working Holidays in Germany
Terre des Langues, Petra Schmidt
, Pflanzenmayerstr. 16, 93049 Regensburg
Tel: 0941-565602 Fax: 0941-565604 E-Mail: Terre-des-Langues@t-online.de