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Happy hands-working holidays in Germany


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Children, House, Horses:
Children, houses and horses, the Rueckerhof, Hohenloher, Margret's Bauernlaedchen und Cafe and  Maria's Bauernhofcafe.
Children and horses:
Kitchen, serving, horses:
Housekeeping and horses:
Children's acitivities:
Children, bio-farming, horses:
Agricultural Estate:
Grandmothers CoffeeShops:


All the farms and hotels have a large number of staff apart from the
members of the family, so that the student is never left alone to do
any of the work involved. He/ she will have his/her own bedroom
unless otherwise stated. The student has the chance to learn to bake
bread the way grandmothers did or cakes and prepare other products
which will be a lifetime experience.

Working Holidays in Germany
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